Humanitarian We can not be fine as an individual unless every individual is fine.
Aug 21, 2017

What Is A Humanitarian?

Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universality is a common element in its evolution, it applies to all. As a Humanitarian no distinction is to be made in the face of suffering or abuse on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, tribe, caste, age, religion, or nationality.

A Humanitarian is a person promoting human welfare and social reform.
A Humanitarian is a person who works to make other people's lives better.
You Are a Humanitarian!
Start Acting Like a Humanitarian Human Rights

We are all a humanitarian by default when we are born, but we lose focus and get our thoughts hyjacked by the "normal" behavior we see in our local communities. These normal behaviors practice seperation and hate among the non beleivers. Humanitarians do not hate, Humanitarians do not judge, they do not segregate, and they do not discriminate.

A practiced Humanitarian is a person who accepts every human being for just being human, ignoring and abolishing biased social views, prejudice, and racism in the process.

The goal in the Humanitarian movement requires fundemental changes in societies and our thought process to break free from the staus quo way of doing things. Many social conditions can be improved through legislation, but not when that legislation is based on a certain demographic while at the same time ignoring the impact on humanity as a whole.

In order to make the world a peaceful place for all humans we must think about humanity first and how it impacts every aspect of our daily lives. It seems all to often people only think about their local community or their religion and discount the rest.

We as people can no longer wait for our faith to save humanity. We can no longer walk along the same descrutive path created for us to follow. A path of war, destruction, and seperation. We must create a new path for humanity made from emapthy, liberty, and morality for all humans. Not based on the color of your skin or the land you come from.

This does not mean we can not be proud of our community, this does not mean we can not be proud of our culture, or practice our faith. It means we need to think about humanity as a whole first and not only our community and not only our culture and not only our faith. Look at this history of death, destruction, and seperation. If we continue to kill the same then we are to blame.

We Are All Humans & We All Want The Same Thing

The one thing we all have in common is that we are human and we all have a common dream of living in a peaceful world. We all dream of a prosperous future for our family. It is the people vs. humanity because if the people do not work on saving humanity then humanity will only continue to fight and kill itself off without ever fulfilling the dreams of a peaceful world.

"Either we learn to live together as family or we will die together as fools."

Martin Luther King

This idiology is not about every human thinking the same way or doing the same things. We can work towards a better future and at the same time be tolerant of our differences while keeping humanity the focus and our foundation for future generations to build on.

This is no small task and it will take generations of consistency to see results, many people believe it's an impossible idea. If we never try we are guaranteeing it will never happen. Let's give it a real chance and start acting like a Humanitarian today.

Please join the and participate in the movement by making it a reality instead of only a Utopian dream.

What Can You Do?

You can start helping humanity instantly by following the Humanitarian Guidelines. These guidlines are a way of life that will promote liberty, empathy, and morality for yourself and every other human. By following these guidelines you will be walking a path that will change the future of humanity.