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Aug 21, 2017
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Police go on strike in brazil, cities being wiped out in "purge" fashion

Police in Brazil have gone on strike, leaving the country unarmed and left in a "Purge" like chaos. In 30 cities across Brazil, militarized police are refusing to do their jobs. According to an anonymous source in the city of Espirato Santo, Brazil, the chaos can be comparable to the 2014 thriller "Purge", with people running rampant with guns and machetes, stealing from malls, and even dead bodies lying in the streets. As buses are set ablaze on night streets, and people crawl for shelter covered in blood, Brazil is slowly becoming overtaken by it's people.

"A pm is on strike and the thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in Espírito Santo, my God what is happening" says one Brazilian resident.

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Schools have been cancelled following "Purge" like chaos in Brazil. Click here to read the full story and exclusive images obtained by Political Outsource.

Twitter has become the only outlet for Brazilians to show what's going on, as no major media has picked up on the anarchy that's ensuing in cities across the country. According to the Brazilian source reporting to Political Outsource, the most affected areas are South in Espirito Santo, which is close to Argentina. It is unknown if the assailants and massive chaos is moving to Argentina.

Live happenings from "Purge" like choas:


A polícia do Espírito Santo tá de greve e olha o que acontece

Translation: "The police in Espírito Santo are on strike and look what is happening." 

 FollowBeco @becofx

@GABRIELPlNHEIRO O que acontece com um país desarmado

Translation: "What happens to an unarmed country" 

Since the outbreak in cities like Espirato Santo, the government has arranged to meet with military officials to discuss salary improvements, reports Estado Brasil.

"I won't even leave my house today," one Brazilian resident in Espirato Santo told Political Outsource. "things are absolutely crazy, there are people running around with guns in pretty populated areas, dozens of people stealing sh-t on malls, even dead bodies on streets!" 

 FollowOtariano @otariano

A pm está em greve e os bandido estão atirando aleatoriamente em quem passa na rua no Espírito Santo, meu deus o que está acontecendo

Translation: "A pm is on strike and the thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in Espírito Santo, my God what is happening" 

 FollowMarlon Rocha @lMarl0n

Espírito santo agora pouco na Serra atirando perto da imprensa

Translation: "Praying to the holy ghost, a shooting near the press."

Video of a police officer surrendering to an armed assailant in Brazil: 

The United States, nor any other country, has not commented on the developing chaos happening in Brazil.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

 FollowOtariano @otariano

Pra quem não sabe o Espirito Santo está num completo caos devido a greve dos pm's, bandidos tomando conta das ruas 


Update 9:31PM (Pacific Time) A17-year old has been shot and killed near a hospital in Espirato Santo. The news was publicly tweeted out just minutes ago. View discretion is highly advised

 FollowLucas Martins @Lucasmartins003

Espírito Santo muito tenso 😰

Translation: "Espirito Santo is very tense"

Update 9:44PM (Pacific Time) An inside source from the state of Espirato Santo has told Political Outsource that things are getting worse, as armed assailants are beginning to gather and shoot at anybody out on the streets, including reporters, medics, and citizens. The source has told us that the main "purge"-like chaos is mainly happening in Espirato Santo, yet slowly beginning to spread outside the state.

Update 9:47PM (Pacific Time) A woman and her daughter, as well as one other woman, have been shot and killed in an Espirato Santo street. The gruesome image has been sent to us by a Brazilian resident, and viewer discretion is highly advised. The bloody faces of the two victims have been censored for courtesy of the victims.

Update 9:51PM (Pacific Time): A man has been shot down and brutally murdered by two assailants, shooting him with high caliber assault rifles dozens of times. 

Update 9:51PM (Pacific Time): According to our inside reports, Political Outsource estimates the current death toll in this "Purge" like chaos in Espirito Santo, and other states around Brazil, is over 20.

Update 10:02PM (Pacific Time): An inside source in Espirito Santo, Brazil has told Political Outsource that it is nearing dawn in the chaotic state, and people will likely return to work. This could prove extremely dangerous, says the Brazilian resident, as without any police, a massive amount of people on the roads could be detrimentally fatal.

Update 10:09PM (Pacific Time): A Brazilian resident has sent Political Outsource information regarding the state of Espirito Santo. The image we have obtained is presented below:

Update 10:20PM (Pacific Time): Brazilian resident tweets out the current condition of chaos, yet citizens are trying to stay optimistic by throwing a small "party".  The tweet shows massive city police force, however, militarized police are still on strike:

 FollowUrso @PoxaNaay

Pois é... Até entendemos a greve, mas poxa vida, o estado em caos total e eles em uma festa.. Parece deboche né?

Translation: Well ... We don't understand the strike, fearing for our life, the state is in total chaos and they are partying.. It seems debauchery right? #SpanishSantoPedeSocorro

Update 10:36PM (Pacific Time): Political Outsource has obtained more tweets and videos detailing the current situation in Brazil, specifically the state of Espirito Santo. A new hashtag has sprung within the hour, that being #PrayForEspiritoSanto.

Update 10:40PM (Pacific Time): More tweets rush in.

 FollowAna @JoMosAss


 FollowFred "Rei" Vasquez @FredRPVasquez

There is a police strike here in Espirito Santo, Brazil... People are being killed, stores being looted, chaos, help

 FollowConexão Cristão @conexaocristao

Bandidos fortemente armados com Fuzís em Cachoeiro, Espírito Santo.

Update 10:46PM (Pacific Time): Political Outsource has obtained a raw image taken from a Brazilian resident showing two masked men wielding weapons on a motorcycle.

Update 10:58PM (Pacific Time): Political Outsource has obtained a video that shows a live report being disturbed by a shooting:

Update 11:05PM: Follow our new Twitter account to receive instant updates on critical happenings regarding this real life "purge". Twitter: @politioutsource

Update 11:09PM (Pacific Time): More tweets rush in, showing stores being robbed in Brazil:

 FollowPolitical Outsource @politioutsource

Absolute chaos happening the cities of Brazil after police go on strike. …

Update 11:16PM (Pacific Time): Brazilian residents tweet out to us on Twitter for exposure:

Political Outsource @politioutsource

@coalainjapan We've been interviewing Brazilian residents who say they are "fearful" that Monday's work commute may be extremely fatal.

 FollowLucas Coala Bastos @coalainjapan

@politioutsource I'm a brazilian resident, I live in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo and I'm witnessing it all. National media is silent.

Update 11:53PM (Pacific Time): Brazilian resident reports live to Political Outsource. A man witnesses a robbery as dawn strikes during the "Purge" like chaos in Brazil.



In an exclusive email obtained by Political Outsource, a Brazilian resident has sent images to Political Outsource showing emails that schools have been canceled, citing the chaos in cities across the state. Click here to read the breaking news story.

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